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Rainsong Design

Karen Rainsong and her team of independent creatives brings you the best in print and online design.

With many years of graphic design and computer programming experience, Rainsong Design brings you not only creative, inspired design, but versatile and effective functionality on the Web. Based in Eugene, Oregon we offer a wide variety of business solutions from photography and printed marketing pieces to Web design and development. Karen's team includes Judy Dippel, freelance copywriter, and Mike Dibos, who creates great looking and user friendly mobile sites. With Karen's artisitic eye and background in digital photography and design, the team can handle just about anything you need.

Karen is thrilled to be working with other creatives in the Code Chops shared work environment in the new Broadway Commerce Building in the heart of downtown Eugene. Situated on the corner of Broadway and Willamette, the building is home to many local technology and design companies. It's a perfect home for Rainsong Design.

She is also the Managing Director of the Arts and Business Alliance of Eugene (ABAE) which is housed in the Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce. This non-profit alliance is a catalyst for dynamic partnerships between arts and business, adding to the economic vitality and livability of our city.

Design is as much an act of spacing as an act of marking. — Ellen Lupton

Karen received her B.A. in Art from California State Univ Northridge in 1994 and moved to Eugene that year. After helping run a photography company, she began investigating graphic design and found her niche. Helping people rebrand their businesses is one of her passions, and being creative every day keeps her vital and happy.

Karen is a mom and an artist, in her spare time making works of art in mixed media and photography. She is also the coordinator of the Alvord Farm and Museum in Eugene, where she gets to play in nature with kids. (How awesome is that?) Keeping busy keeps her on her toes and she loves to learn new things and tackle design challenges. Contact her at karen@rainsongdesign.net.

Judy Dippel

Professional copywriting and editing services

Judy Dippel is an author and frequent luncheon and retreat speaker whose personal passion is to share with women about surviving and thriving amid life's challenges—while realizing greater satisfaction and joy along the way. Married since 1970, she is a mother of two, grandmother of three, and lifelong Oregonian.

Judy thoroughly enjoys her work as a freelance commercial writer and marketing consultant. She writes new and original content—or rewrites, revises, reorganizes current copy. She creatively offers fresh ideas and neutral perspective. Clients receive quality words plus marketing expertise, which can bring a business to life, enhancing vision and potential—to gain exposure, greater opportunity and success. "It's very rewarding for me to see a client's relief when I'm able to clarify what they want to say, pull it all together for them, while reaching a new target audience." Judy's expanse of career experience includes positions in the fields of medicine, education, international adoption, and corporate America.

Judy lives in Eugene, Oregon—she enjoys family and friends, hiking, rafting and outdoor activities; college sports (OSU) and golf. Contact Judy at: www.jldwrites.com (Freelance Writing) or www.judydippel.com (Author – Speaker). Or email her at: judy@jldwrites.com.

Mike Dibos: Track Town Mobile

Great Looking Mobile Websites

With so many mobile devices on the market, especially phones, it's important to have an online presence that comes through correctly for those mobile users. More and more searches are done on smart phones, as these are steadily replacing desktop computers. Your fully functioning website looks and performs well from a desktop computer, but how does it look on a mobile phone?

Many websites will come in too small for the screen. The user will usually have to zoom in just to see what's there, then scroll around the page to find something. That could even be something as simple as a phone number to call. And if it's too much trouble, or takes too long, they'll leave.

I can help you with a simple mobile website to take care of this. Your main website can stay the way it is, but your new mobile version will come up for those that are finding you from their phones. And the phone number will be located at the top of the page for quick reference. The content will load quickly with some basic information about your business. And if the person viewing your mobile site really wants to see more information, there will be a link to your full website for them.

Check out Tracktown Mobile online.